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Important Notice for Our Travelers to Mexico! Everything about the New Visa from April 2024

Dear tribe of explorers, prepare for a major change if Mexico is in your plans. From April 20, 2024, it will be necessary to obtain a visa to enter this country so dear to us, whether for tourism or business. Here is a quick guide to make this process as smooth as possible:

  1. Book your Appointment: Don't forget to schedule your appointment through the website of the Mexican Embassy in Peru .

  2. Necessary Documentation: You must present your valid passport, a recent photograph, proof of your accommodation and itinerary, as well as proof of your financial solvency.

  3. Visa Cost: Prepare $53.00 USD to pay in cash at your appointment.

  4. Processing Time: Remember to apply for your visa at least five weeks in advance.

Exceptions to the Rule: If you have a valid multiple-entry visa from the US, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom or any country in the Schengen area, good news! You will not need to process this new visa.

For more information, you can contact the Mexican Embassy in Peru directly:

  • Telephone: +51 1 612-1600

  • Address: Av. Jorge Basadre 710, San Isidro, Lima, Peru.

Continue discovering new horizons and take your adventures to the next level with Travelviar !

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